Increase performance. Decrease power consumption.
At the heart of the ThinkCentre M55p is Intel® vPro™ Technology, which provides 40% greater performance while consuming 40% less power. Combined with Lenovo's ThinkVantage technologies, the ThinkCentre M55p can help your enterprise operate at new levels of efficiency.

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ThinkVantage Technologies offer security, access and support services that can help you improve productivity and reduce overall lifecycle costs.

ImageUltra Builder and System Migration Assistant make IT rollouts simpler and more efficient.

Client Security Solution with optional ThinkPlus fingerprint reader keyboard make the ThinkCentre M55p the most secure industry-standard PC available.

Remote control features allow IT managers to repair PCs remotely and inventory hardware and software.

Tamper-resistant security environment independent of the main OS protects systems from intrusion and malicious software attacks.

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Built to meet the needs of enterprise computing

ThinkCentre M55p
The ThinkCentre M55p gives medium and large businesses the features they need to maintain high performance and high security while reducing operating costs.
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Intel® vPro™ Technology

Intel® vPro™ Technology is Intel's premiere business desktop PC brand for enhanced security, superior manageability and energy efficient performance.

  • Reduce risk by rapidly deploying security updates across your PC fleet, even to systems that are powered down
  • Better protect your PCs from intrusion and malicious software attacks by inspecting network traffic
  • Reduce your support costs by remotely repairing PCs even if the OS is down
  • Reliably inventory a PC's hardware and software even if the PC is off or down
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Energy Efficiency
  • Experience improved performance with reduced power consumption
  • Enjoy a responsive experience even with security and management tasks running in the background
  • Run existing 32-bit applications with increased performance and enable the next generation of powerful 64-bit applications